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We Help BJC HealthCare  Employees Prepare and Transition into Retirement with Confidence

You have dedicated decades of your life to your career.

 Make sure you are rewarded in retirement.

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Watch our Video Discussing How High Inflation Impacts Retirement Income

Your Plan will Provide Answers to the Following Questions:

  •  Am I creating an unnecessary tax bill in retirement?
  •  Am I taking too much risk in my 401k?
  •  How can I potentially save on taxes when it comes to your BO stock?
  •  How much money do I need saved to live the retirement I want?
  •  How do I decide when to start claiming social security?
  •  How does a long-term care bill affect my retirement plan?
  •  How does rising inflation and interest rates impact my planning and investment strategy?

Why Wealth Plan Advisors Group?

  • More than 30 years of experience helping hundreds of employees prepare and transition into retirement.
  • Independent of BJC HealthCare  - we work for YOU.
  • True financial professionals holding a CFP® designation, NOT salespeople.
  • Fiduciaries that are legally and ethically bound to act in YOUR best interest.
  • Unlike national retail firms, we DO NOT try to sell our own financial products.