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Saint Louis Office

4171 Crescent Drive,

Suite 200
Saint Louis, MO 63129

Ted Chibnall, CFP® and WealthPlan Advisors Group offers:

Disciplined in our approach and delivery

Perspective that is fresh and practical

Experience that counts

Working as a team

Focused on You

Some day… your ability to manage money will dictate the quality of your life.

We strive to prepare you for that day. For many, having a Financial Adviser means having someone to take care of things for you while leaving you in the dark. We see our role as to enlighten you and to involve you in the financial decision-making process. We aim to prepare you, equip you, support you and be your advocate as you pursue your financial success.

Financial Education.

We hope, through personal coaching and informal educational workshops, to prepare you for your role in the financial decision-making process. Every CRITICAL FINANCIAL EVENT in life provides an educational opportunity… especially the painful ones. We will be there to work through all of the tribulations and triumphs of pursuing lasting prosperity.


Knowing where you stand, imperfections and all, helps you to make more informed decisions. Our firm believes in time-proven investment strategies that are not prone to day-to-day transactions. We will, at times, change strategies or directions should your goals change. Having accurate information helps us in that process. We will have annual strategic planning meetings as your life unfolds. In addition, tax and legal updates are also valuable parts of our client service.

Accessibility and Personal Touch.

Our Seasons FORMula process is built on SEVEN PILLARS…Wealth Management, Risk Management, Tax Planning, Estate Planning, Cash Management, Philanthropy and Value Added Services. 

We manage life savings. The money we manage sends kids to college, builds a legacy and assures a retirement income you won’t outlive. We stay focused on our job by staying focused on you. We clearly understand our clients’ goals and objectives. We strive to listen. We keep our input relevant and personal. We return phone calls, we meet personally and we keep our commitments. That’s what we would expect of you if you were our advisor. We take your success personally.

Our business is helping you live financially independent, happy and worry free knowing everything is looked after. Putting all of the pieces in place, our process allows you to look to the future with anticipation instead of apprehension.  While getting things in order that we can control, our process helps to prevent most of the mistakes that people make when dealing with the things in life that we can’t control.