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You were recommended to WealthPlan Advisors Group

What makes you different?

Three important areas: we deliver on the service we promise, we approach real concerns with practical solutions and the quality team that works together to give you a better experience.  An innovative sensible approach, committed team and consistent delivery of a disciplined service works in tandem with an Advisor who is committed to your success and determined to find solutions for you and those you are responsible for.

Why have we not heard of your firm?

WealthPlan Advisors Group is a part of the trusted advice industry that is delivered by independent Financial Planners.  Today this group represents over 53% of America's trusted advisers.  Advisers have proven they prefer being independent.   With hundreds of businesses in our community, it isn't likely you have heard of many firms beyond the big National firms that once dominated the financial industry.  Our firm went independent in 1980 (all told over 30 years providing trusted advice), we are recognized by Barron's among an elite number of firms, recognized for quality and success as a firm.

We are under the impression you are successful, do you have time and capacity for new clients?

It is true, we are fortunate to have been in practice over a quarter century,  we have been chosen by individuals like yourself.  With a talented team and my personal determination to work with my clients personally, we have capacity to grow and a passion to show you what we can do for you.  We really like the being the firm... "where everybody knows your name".

How "together" do we need to be?

Our clients have every manner of financial pictures and degree of organization.  We are a judgment free firm; our role is to help you get where you are going, from wherever you are.

Are we "big enough fish" for a firm like yours?

Let us show you what makes us different.  We do not believe in a minimum account size.  We have solutions that fit those who our clients think enough of to refer to our firm.  Our clients range up and down the financial spectrum.  We can make a difference for you.  Our only requirement is for us to complete a comprehensive financial plan.  After all, you wouldn’t go into surgery without an X-Ray.

What if it doesn't seem like a good fit?

We are as concerned about fit as you are.  If we give you enough insight to make an informed decision and you decide not to engage our team, we trust that is the best decision.  No hard feelings, no expectations or disappointment, only regret if we don't get the chance to find out if we are the firm for you.

Can we can afford a firm like WeathPlan Advisors Group?

First, you will be surprised how affordable our services are when compared with offerings from less capable firms.  Then when you consider how the importance of the decisions, it seems more costly not to hire competency and expertise.  Our firm pricing is very competitive and fully disclosed at our first meeting. 

Much of our investment management is with an Adviser Directed Fee-based Account with typical fees as follows:

Less than $500,000 - 1.25% annual (billed to the acct quarterly)Thereafter 1.00%*(a complete detail is available in ADV Part I)“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”  Red Adair

In some cases, it may be in your best interest to utilize retail solutions instead; you will be given full details at our first meeting.

There is never a charge for an introductory meeting and we make a sincere effort to see that you find the time spent at our introductory meeting valuable whether you engage our firm or not.

We are working with another firm now; can we be sure our introduction will be kept confidential?

We take confidentiality very seriously all of the time.  It is an important matter; you can fully rely on us to keep every detail confidential and discreet. 

The team at WealthPlan Advisors Group truly hopes some of these answers are helpful in your decision.  We know that your financial decisions are important to you.  We are serious about making a difference, why settle for less? Or not knowing? 

Your future is your choice... choose WealthPlan Advisors Group.



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Cash Flow Management

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A Holistic Approach

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