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Taking on an advisor team is a valuable step. Our clients have a common characteristic - people are relying on them to invest wisely, to plan appropriately, to leave a legacy, to be financially independent, to cover their bases and to reap the rewards for their life’s work. WealthPlan’s approach is innovative and reasoned to help you meet your responsibilities with full reliance on a team working together.

Your Financial Goals, Clearly Expressed
You play a key role in the success of the work we do for you. Providing accurate information, giving thought to the impact of our planning and lending your perspective will help us to craft financial solutions for you to choose from. It may seem a daunting task at first “to go get your ducks in a row”. Our experience is that many clients begin by laying a basic planning foundation on which we build over time. We add pieces and definition to each of the parts of your financial picture until, over time, together we have a solutions design that we can administer through the uncertainties of life.

We create a summary of financial objectives and timeframes, giving each a priority ranking and get your input on the things you are willing to compromise on or commit to do to pursue your goals. We take into consideration the multiple effects of life’s events, such as: retirement, the cost of living, college funding, health changes, death of a spouse, etc.

Your Retirement Feasibility
We use financial planning software to assess your retirement readiness. We will enter the data you provide and information you share in your assessment interview. Our team has years of experience and we can create an accurate financial picture from the statements and tax returns you provide along with your interview.

The Design of Your Portfolio
With your purpose and investor profile in place, your advisor and analyst will choose strategies from the many options to create a portfolio that is appropriate for your long term objectives. Even in the design phase, careful consideration is given to risk and reward of each asset placed in your allocation. With the professional capacity of our firm, there is never a reason to pick anything but the best investments… but it is a given that not every investment comes free of disappointments.

Monitoring Your Portfolio
While we monitor each of the core holdings in our portfolios and we also have a discipline in which each individual portfolio is monitored on a schedule. During this process, the portfolio is:

Compared to its benchmark
Each holding is evaluated to assure correct fit into the client’s stated goals and values
We believe the bottoms-up monitoring of each portfolio on an individual basis gives us a more complete monitoring outcome.

Ultimately, helping our clients achieve success is our PRIMARY GOAL. We love helping host retirement parties, helping clients plan charitable giving strategies and planning to build dream homes. We all know that to reach the finish line, you must start the race. People rely on you to have your ducks in a row - let our team and our approach help you reap the rewards of your hard work.

The ONLY definition of success that truly matters… is yours.

Delivering Financial Solutions
The challenge that WealthPlan Advisors Group rises to meet is to deliver a thorough evaluation with practical solutions that are prioritized to our clients’ needs, kept fresh and build momentum with time in the client relationship.

We start with a fact assessment and an action plan to address the client’s priorities. The results of that assessment will direct the action items for you and your team members to address. The outcome of that overview will be a summary of our observations, your objectives and resulting recommendations. That information will feed the critical decisions for your investment process and create the base for your financial strategies.

Next, you will prioritize the areas of concern you would like us to address in the future.

Active communication between the client and advisor team on changes in the client’s circumstance, portfolio performance and market conditions will drive investing decisions. This communication with the client on a 180° review will often occur in a phone or on-line meeting with your adviser or analyst. We will schedule 270° reviews with you according to the priorities you have established.

These are the specific areas of focus you can choose to include:

Retirement Stress Test
Identify your goals and analyze the type of return necessary to achieve those goals and construct an investment portfolio capable of reaching them.

Insurance Inventory
Insurance can be a useful tool in protecting your finances from the unwanted. Insurance costs can be managed to gain smart leverage where it is needed most.

Asset Protection
Having the correct ownership on each account is smart financial planning. Titling accounts, as well as effective asset protection planning and estate planning, are ways we help ensure your assets stay yours.

Beneficiary Audits
As your life changes, beneficiaries on your accounts may need to change too. We conduct beneficiary audits for our clients to make sure all of their accounts align with their current wishes.

Social Security and Medicare options
A retiree’s transition to Medicare is as confusing as it is urgent. Your options are many and there can be a lack of objective advice. We’ll help you look at your choices and recommend a plan that fits into your overall plan.

Transition to Retirement
Transitioning from working to retirement takes adjustment and planning. Plan the retirement transition towards success.

Estate Planning Confirmed
Ensure your estate is passed on in an efficient manner with as few delays and settlement fees as possible. We can help you and your beneficiaries avoid messy estate disputes and uncertainty.

Cash Flow Review
We will incorporate cash flow needs into your overall plan, finding ways to increase or decrease cash flow from assets as is appropriate.

Business Owner Benefit Plan Assessment
The benefit package you offer as a business owner not only can attract and keep talented employees, it can also be tailored to meet your personal long-term financial goals.

Business Owner Succession Plans
Creating a succession plan clears up uncertainty among employees, family and clients about how your business will be handled in the future. Making a clear plan ensures that the timing, the finances and the future success of the business happen on your terms.

Education Funding Options
Saving for college is one way to provide a great future for your children or grandchildren. But they aren’t the only ones to benefit. Many college saving strategies can give you current tax breaks or greater control and flexibility of how the money is used.

Equity Based Compensation
Stock awards given by an employer can be a significant source of a client’s wealth. Let us help you develop an appropriate exercise plan, evaluate the tax consequences and leverage these stock options in collaboration with your long term financial goals.

Year End Tax Planning
We can help you strategically plan gains and losses to complement each year’s tax situation, look at smart tax-deferral and tax-avoidance options, and work with your tax advisor to calculate adequate tax withholdings.

Charitable Tax Review
Federal income tax law allows a deduction for gifts to qualified charitable organizations, such as churches, colleges, hospitals, charitable foundations, etc. The amount of the deduction is dependent on several factors: the type of charity, the type of asset, the portion of the asset given, and when the gift is given. We can help you determine how to most effectively give to charity to not only see your gifts make a difference, but let the tax laws work with you as well.

Annual reviews will be held to meet the demands of changes in your life.



Years of experience have prepared us to guide you through your life transitions.

Cash Flow Management

Cash Flow Management

We create strategies that are tailored to your needs and goals.

A Holistic Approach

A Holistic Approach

We help you protect your lifetime ability to generate income, maintain employment, grow earnings and build your net worth. 

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